Displaysone is a manufacturer for designing and producing display stand,retail racks and exhibition equipments .
We have been providing the most convenient and quality service for our clients from all kinds of business regions such as cosmetic
display, garment display, shoe display and earring rack,jewelry rack etc. Moreover, pay our intense service to gain a great recognition and praise of our clients.




CNC cutting             Powder coating
Injection molding      Spray Painting
Die cutting            Heat stamping
Silk printing          chrome
Digital printing       Pad printing
Metal bending          Acrylic bending & glue
Poly & assembly        Vacuum forming
MDF bending & assembly
Metal & aluminum casting
Aluminum & plastic extrusion
Metal bending & welding & assembly


PHILIPS-cosmetic     PENN-garments     RYDER-glasses   POLICE-glasses     NIKE-shoes   HONDGMAN-garments  BOMBER-glasses  

RH-physic     ABU-glasses    GREATWALL-wine   ROYAL-shoes    SNOMBRE-stationery